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StVdeP staff FLAMINGLING with colleagues at Cambridge Festival of Education

This is the third year of the Cambridge Festival of Education, but just the second year that I have attended. The aim of this amazing festival is to help teachers to feel valued, appreciated and inspired. It is is a festival full of joy and flamboyance: a festival atmosphere (rather than a stuffy conference) and a purposeful sense of 'radical optimism' underpins all that happens. The festival recognises the challenges that face our schools but aims to rise above this in recognising that the staff in our schools are absolutely dedicated in bring joy to their schools, despite the pressures.

The symbol of the FLAMINGO as an optimistic emblem for us is fantastic; the flamingo is an elegant and unique creature: exquisite, proud and set apart in its beauty, standing out from the crowd. What better symbol for our educators who have joined together to #flamingle with like minded radical optimists?!

In the spirit of 'festival', flamboyance is encouraged and it was great to see …
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It has been wonderful today to gather together as a school community, just as our ancestors in bygone years have done, to give thanks to Our Lady, mother of Jesus and mother of all, for her intercessions on our behalf.
Before school, children compared their flowers brought especially to honour Mary.

Year 6 led us in our prayers from the Junior Playground and despite some initial technical issues, there was tangible sense of devotion, prayer and praise as our 400 plus pupils gathered with staff and many parents. 

Following a beautifully signed and sung Hail Mary, Year 6 led the whole community on a journey through the school grounds to Mary's garden of Prayers on the top field.

Decades of the Holy Rosary were prayed as we journeyed to Mary's Garden. The whole community gathered on the top field.

The children joined in some traditional Marian hymns whilst the statue of Our Lady was crowned.

"Oh Mary, we crown you with blossoms today, Queen of the angels and Queen of the May"

Well done, Year 6!

Well done, Year 6!

You have worked with real diligence, perseverance and determination throughout this week and we have all been very proud of you.

You were well prepared and approached the assessments with great maturity as well as with good humour. Thank you to your teachers and teaching assistants for preparing you so well and to those who made sure that you enjoyed a lovely sociable breakfast this week. Thanks also to your parents for keeping you motivated from day to day.

Now that the tests are out of the way, you will be able to get on with enjoying your last half term at St Vincent de Paul School before you head off to new adventures!

Welcome to my all new Headteacher's blog on our newly launched website! I hope to update news about the school here on a regular basis. I hope that you enjoy reading about all that is going on in school.

Please do spend some time finding your way around our new website which has been designed to be responsive on a multitude of mobile devices. Let us know what isn't working for you and also things that you would like to see on the website. Some pages are more developed than others but everything will be refined over time particularly once we have received feedback. The class pages will eventually have their own class blog and links to lots of useful resources and information for you and for the children.

We hope that you enjoyed your long weekend. It has been a busy few days in school since our return.

In assembly this week we practised singing and signing the Hail Mary. See the film below so that you can learn it with your children too:

On Thursday, before school, we will meet  to…