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Developing a real thirst for reading and a love of books is a key priority throughout the school which I know mirrors the priorities of many of our families too. Recently we been reflecting on the development of the reading journey, particularly in relation to the environment for reading. Organised and comfortable spaces to read are so important as is the selection of the right inspiring texts to tempt the reading habit. Over the course of this term, we hope that the children will become more accomplished with recommending texts, authors and genres for each other. Our book areas reflect this. Maybe you'd like to journey with us through these environments. The two films below reflect the journey in each key stage that staff took together when thinking about the environment this term. Enjoy the journey!
In the EYFS and KS1 it looks like this ...

In KS2 it looks like this ...

To check out the 'Recommended Reading Lists' for each class, visit the school website at…
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Happy Feast Day! 

It has been another busy week. It seems impossible to think that we are now reaching the final days of September ... this term is quickly flying by!

On Friday we celebrated the Feast Day of our school patron, St Vincent de Paul.

If you would like to find out about who St Vincent de Paul was and what he did, take a look at the short video linked below:

There is much for us to learn from St Vincent de Paul's commitment to those most in need. Today is a good day for us to ask ourselves some key questions. Play the animation below to consider the questions that may help us to be even better at being 'the hands and face of Jesus':

It was great to join together as a school community with Father Nigel in order to celebrate Mass on our Feast Day.

Father Nigel talked to us about the example of St Vincent de Paul and his kindness to those most in need. We can all work to be kinder in our families, in our school and in the other communities that we belong to, following the example of…

Small Actions can make big differences!

We might not have been on Strike for Climate Change Action on Friday but we certainly did focus on some key environmental themes with the intention of making a big difference and a little bit of 'noise'!

I was so proud to see our young children demonstrating their passion for protecting their future and using their voices to powerfully declare a change that is required across the nation and across the generations. No doubt they came home with some very clear messages for other family members!
For the staff, our day began our our regular staff briefing with a prayer about the ark:

I kept coming back to the powerful words of this prayer throughout the day - it was wonderful to see and hear our children committed to building that 'ark' through their words and actions. Our young people are definitely the heralds of a new rainbow covenant and we all need to take their lead!

We were delighted to have received a letter from Bishop Paul McAleenan encouraging us in our efforts …

Leavers 2019

Farewell, good luck and God bless you, Year 6!

On Friday morning we gathered as a whole school community children, staff and parents to say farewell to our friends in Year 6 as they prepared for the next stage of their exciting journey.

As the hall filled (it was a tight squeeze!), we looked at pictures of our friends throughout their time at our school. I've had to split the film into two clips to share it on this platform ...

Mr Crump and Mrs Glover reminded us of the absolute potential of each and every one of our pupils through reading 'What if ...' by Jackie French Koller ... including ...
What if Einstein never used his brain or the Wright brothers never tried to fly a plane?
What if Beethoven never tried to play? What if Motehr Teresa turned away?

The message to take away from this is that we all have something unique and beautiful inside; our task is to use this, to try, to have a go. If we don't, we ignore the huge potential to make a difference. Do your bit, …